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TNAHC is currently chaired by Eric Haralson, VP Community Lending at FAHE, Knoxville, Tennessee. For more information, send an e-mail to info@tnahc.org.
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#1 - City of Murfreesboro Funding Notice

Notification of funding

#2 - Listing of Federal Funding, Grants

Among several announcements about federal funding which will soon be made available (estimated Jan 2017), I saw this info about funding for initiatives that increase access to healthy foods.  The funding agency is HHS / Administration for Children and Families, through their community services block grants, and the anticipated deadline is April 28, 2017.  13 competitive awards will be made, ranging from $100,000 to $800,000; eligible applicants are 501c3 community-based organizations whose purpose includes low-income housing and / or community economic development.


I wanted to give you a heads up so that you might have time to alert any organizations that might be interested in applying, and also to encourage a particular effort to identify those that serve rural communities (since this is through a multi-agency initiative called “Rural Advantage” which is likely to prioritize the distressed rural counties which are the focus of efforts in TN, particularly those with “food deserts”).

Our Goals

Establish and support an active and effective network of educated stakeholders committed to understanding and addressing the needs for affordable housing in Tennessee.

Effectively communicate and advocate the need for, and the social and economic impact of, affordable housing in Tennessee to law makers, policy makers, civic leaders, business leaders, housing providers, communities and the general public.

Establish and maintain active partnerships with funders of affordable housing initiatives in Tennessee.


General membership is open to anyone interested in furthering the cause of affordable housing in Tennessee. TNAHC is expanding by forming three regional councils, representing the Eastern, Middle and Western parts of the state. Each regional council will have a leader and will meet twice a year – you are encouraged to attend the regional meeting closest to you. Those in the general membership will also be invited to participate on statewide committees in various areas of interest. There will be one statewide meeting annually, held in conjunction with the Governor’s Housing Conference.

About Annual Fee

There is an annual fee of only $25 to become a general member. The annual term runs from January to December. You are encouraged to enroll at the Governor’s Housing Conference with your fee covering your membership until December of the following year. The fee is not pro-rated. In return for your fee, you will receive a quarterly newsletter with information about what is going on in housing in Tennessee of which you will be invited to give input. TNAHC will also produce some public information pieces about the importance of affordable housing for use by members. Fees will go toward the cost of any regional or statewide meetings.

Membership Committee

Chair: Don Alexander, Crossville Housing Authority, dra@crossvillehousing.org

  •  Expand Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition (TAHC) membership. 
  •  Increase participation and effectiveness of regional TAHC organizations. 
  •  Develop and maintain a comprehensive directory of coalition members, including identification and description of member organizations and individual representatives/members. 


Legislative Committee

2016 Chair: Eric Haralson – FAHE, eric@fahe.org

  •  Engage, establish and maintain ongoing lines of communication with legislators. 
  •  Establish areas of coalition alignment and define our communication/advocacy agenda. 
  •  Plan annual legislative event. 
  •  Identify legislative bills that affect affordable housing. 
  •  Establish areas of coalition alignment 


Education Committee


  •  Establish guidelines to utilize CHDAT funds to assist non-profits in furthering their education 
  •  Assist with the expansion of the Governor’s Housing Summit. 
  •  Make member organizations aware of available educational opportunities. 
  •  Refine and expand web based resources targeted at networking and education of coalition members. 


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