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June 30, 2016 

9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m CT 

Vollintine Evergreen Community Center 

1680 Jackson St., Memphis, TN 38107 

Meeting Minutes 

Members Present 

Carla Jarrell                             Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc. 
Cathy Marcinko                       Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital 
Don Alexander                        Crossville Housing Authority 
Eric Haralson                          FAHE 
John Callow                            City of Murfreesboro Community Development Dept. 
John Roberts                          Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity 
Keith Turbett                           First Horizon National Corp. 
Lorrie Shearon                       THDA 
Maria Catron                          Kingsport Housing & Redevelopment Authority 
Retta Gardner                        Guaranty Trust 
Sharon Bosworth                   Affordable Housing Resources 

Guests Present 

Amy Schaftlein                      THDA 
Sheila Jordan                        Cunningham Blight Authority of Memphis, Inc. 
Tyane Powell                        Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc. 

Tour of Homes: 

Everyone toured two homes which are part of Memphis Habitat of Humanity and Plough Foundation Aging in Place program which collaborated with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital’s Changing High-Risk Asthma in Memphis through Partnership (CHAMP) program. The focus is to renovate homes of the elderly and low income families in which the homes are in need of major repairs. First home toured was before the repairs and toured a second home after the renovation. 


Cathy Marcinko shared how health providers became involved in housing conditions of children and the elderly who were repeatedly being seen and admitted to the hospital for the same condition. The program CHAMP came about through the overwhelming evidence that something in the home was making these patients continually ill. Healthy Homes Partnership is a multi-sector coalition which was formed in 2014 to address housing-related issues affecting the health of children and the elderly in Shelby County.


Welcome and Introductions: 

Eric brought the meeting to order. Each person present was asked to introduce themselves. 

Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and motion to approve them was made, and carried with unanimous vote. 

Sharon Bosworth presented the Treasurer’s report (attached). Motion to approve the report was carried with unanimous vote. 

Carla presented the Secretary’s report. We are now able to track Eventbrite payments. Motion to approve the report was carried with unanimous vote. 

Regional Council Leaders’ Reports: 

Maria Catron, Chair for the East Region, reported on their meeting from June 9th in Lafollette held in conjunction with the Home Source Project. This Regional Council has created three subcommittees: 1) Membership to grow membership, 2) Training and Development of members and 3) Governance to strengthen conversations with city and county legislators. 

Sharon Bosworth reported on the last meeting of the Middle Tennessee Regional Council meeting in April. Laura Swanson with THDA shared the new study on MultiFamily Housing Aging. There was also a tribute to the late Cathie Dodd. The next meeting is August 5th in Clarksville TN with speaker Joe Pitts, State Representative. 

Eric reported for the West TN Regional Council that Rozann Downing has resigned and Cathy Marcinko has graciously stepped up to the plate as the new Regional Chair. There was discussion on how to get the West TN Regional Council re-invigorated. 

Operating Committee Reports: 

On the Communications and PR Newsletter Committee, John Roberts reported that he and Keith Turbett are working with Regina Harvey, the chair, to finalize getting the website up and running. It was suggested to have a point person to make updates and to maintain the site on a regular basis. 

There was no report from the Chair of the Education Committee. 

Sharon Bosworth had nothing more to share from the Finance Committee. 

John Roberts reported on the Legislative Committee’s subgroup made up of himself, Eddie Latimer, Sharon Bosworth, David Pair and John Callow. Their goal is to work on issues and to stay in line with the Coalition’s mission statement. 

Don Alexander, Membership Committee Chair, led discussion regarding which board members are rolling off and which are eligible for re-appointment. There was also discussion of whether ex-officio members have a term. It was concluded that the by-laws need to be updated on this area and possibly other areas as well. Eric appointed an ad-hoc committee to review the by-laws. This committee is made up of Lorrie Shearon, John Roberts and Carla Jarrell. All board members were asked to notify Rodney Robinson, who is the nominating committee chair, of any proposals of possible new board members. 

New Business: 

Lorrie Shearon shared the draft agenda of the Governor’s Housing Conference is to start October 12 with lunch. It was suggested for the Regional groups to vote for the new leaders in their August meetings instead of at the conference. Then new leaders will be presented and they can then share their goals at the GHC. Also, it would be an ideal time to honor the past leaders at the Annual Statewide meeting. Thoughts were shared for the Board to meet in the morning before the conference starts and have the Statewide Annual meeting immediately after that, again, all before the opening lunch. 

Sheila Jordan Cunningham shared an update on land banks and their ability to get things done efficiently. 

With no other matters of business, motion carried to adjourn the meeting. 


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